Do you ever have one of those mornings when you look at the clock and time has passed faster than you realized?  That was my morning, except for

1. I couldn’t see clearly (eye infection=no contacts and glasses broken ((of course))=no clear vision).

2. My wallet is missing…I don’t remember not having it all day yesterday, so it must have gotten lost sometime between last night and this morning. Still don’t know where it is, as I had to go to work and had no time to look for it with my eyes that can’t see.

3. Lost my eyeliner, had to scramble to buy new one at the convenience store, good thing I staff a bunch of yen in coins in my car for occasions such as this.

4. Am surfing the crimson wave, as Cher so poignantly put it, if you don’t know what that means watch Clueless.

5. Didn’t eat breakfast, am sneaking eating a Piza-man at my desk no, not a man, pronounced piza-mon, and no not a Jamacian either..if you are Hawaii you will know this as a manapua, if you are Chinese it is a bao, if you are a mainland American…well there is nothing really like it ((maybe a calzone?)) but is a softbread thingy stuffed with meat and other things.

6. Was almost late to work- NOT a good thing in Japan…well not a good thing anywhere..but if you show up 5 min. before you are supposed to be here, let’s just say you ARE late…so I guess I was in fact late by those standards…ugh…but in American or Hawaiian time I am just fine, in fact by Hawaiian time I am too early.

I hope the rest of the day is a little less crazy than this morning but I do have a bunch of classes today, so we will see how that goes-at least it is with the well behaved classes and not the classes that BlueForestPrincess-sensei is not allowed to teach because, ”They are misbehaving so they are not allowed to have English classes taught by the ALT at present.” In place of English class, they are being given lectures on moral education…this has lasted a year…I am uncertain if I will ever see them again. I think they may hate me, even though this was not my decision…though I imagine they probably don’t hate me as much as the last ALT, of whose windshield they decided to christen with gum.   

Can I just say though, I am looking forward to going to the eye doctor on Saturday…it will be the highlight of my week.