Its that time of year again!  I suppose if I were in America, I would be a little nervous, but let me share my experience of last year’s Performance Review given by my old supervisor. Anyway, here is the story.

My supervisor pranced over to my desk with a few sheets of paper telling me that my Performance Review was that day. 

”We need to evaluate your goals for this year, but you can make it up now.” She smiled at me, unconcerned. I realized that I was supposed to have recieved these papers when I had first come to Japan, but somehow in the mix of things, it had been forgotten.

I was a little surprised, but pleased, for I then knew the outcome of my Performance Review would be great, since I could just write about all the things I was currently doing as goals that I was supposed to write down last year.  (Haha, yes, I am a genius…) My other friends and I found this vastly amusing, but I dutifully filled out the Performance Review spreadsheet goals and wrote about how I had achieved them.

Anyway, here comes the strange.  The Meeting.  After I filled out the papers we were going over my goals for this year, (which I had already fulfilled bc. I am awesome) and I don’t know WHERE the heck she came up with this random idea but here’s how the conversation went:

”In America some teachers sit on desks.”

”Oh yeah, I guess in some schools that does happen, not at my high school.”

Okay, so far so good, though I am a bit confused why she is talking about this, since I have never sat on a desk during our lessons to teach…and I am pretty sure none of the English teachers before did either, plus they were Australian anyway.

”It’s like how some Japanese cartoons have drawings of girl in bunnies costumes popping out of a cake.”
WHAT?…Errr…my brain tried to process this…but to no avail…Huh? Also having a VERY difficult time:
Must. control. laughter. 

Somehow, I managed to hold it in…It was torture refraining from the ripples of laughter that wanted to ooze out of my being.

So, how did the conversation turned to women popping out of cakes dressed in bunny outfits? Well, lucky for me there actually was a reason for this statement.  The rest of the conversation:

 ”Japanese people have a idea that this happens all the time in America, like teachers sitting on desks…”

Okay, so I sort of pieced it together…basically the correlation revolves around common misconceptions of other cultures, in this case both teachers sitting on desks in America, as well as women popping out of cakes. 

Lessons are: 1. not in all American schools do teachers sit on desks 2. nor do we have girls that pop out of cakes at parties (at least not any parties that I’ve gone to)    3.Japanese cartoons about Americans can be misleading.

So, this years Performance Review will be a little different than last years, but no way will it be as entertaining. Zannen.