This week the second-year students came back from their trip to my favorite city in Japan, Kyoto.  They came back bearing many gifts, these are called omiyage, and usually are some kind of edible thing. 

List of items given:

Box of chocolate chip cookies

An azuki bean filled pastry of an Autumn leaf

A chocolate dipped waffle cookie

Spiderman Ramen

As I am writing this, I am currently eating the Spiderman Ramen, which I must say is filled with little red faces and big eyes, like a bunch of tiny Spiderman masks.  Tastes like regular ramen, despite the neon red faces gazing back at me. But about halfway through it now, I keep taking the metphor too far and started imagining the noodles as Spiderman webs,–appeal has consequently gone down considerably, but still an interesting omiyage.

Yesterday, I had a visitation at a school about 13 kilometers away from my town.  I really love school visitations, I have them about every month, they are always fun.  This particular day, I only had two classes with the juniors and seniors. The man who I taught with, is an interesting character.  He wanted to use me as a tape recorder that day, which was fine, reading an article about a figure skater.  Afterwards, we got to the topic of injuries and I asked any of the students if they had ever been injured skating or otherwise.  One of the shy boys in the front of the class offered one word in Japanese only, and subsequently his word became translated as, ”I was riding a bike, and I ran into a pole.” I’m not sure how they could figure all of that out from one word, but it was rather funny to me and somewhat reminded me of my own injury last night when I was about to walk downstairs.  I came out of my room and tripped on a cord, and banged my knee into the wall.  Although it was very painful, I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous I looked tripping alone by myself in my own house. FAIL.

Anyway, the male teacher then proceeded to draw a stick figure on the chalkboard of a woman with incredibly long legs and drew an arrow with a line to indicate a rather frenzied pathway, the line went straight under her legs and out the back.  He said that he was at Appi, a popular ski/snowboarding resort where he lost control of his skis crashed and then and slid right under ” the uman’s (woman)  legs.”

This story was well received by the entire class including myself, who could not refrain from giggling in front of the seniors.  Good teaching times.

To do list:

-buy presents for family.

-make sure to not buy presents for myself this time.