So this morning was fun. NOT.

I woke up at 7:42.  That’s right my friends.  And work starts at 8:00. In Japan a good rule of thumb is to be at work 15 minutes before you begin, so unless I could get ready in 3 minutes, I would be late by Japanese standards.   I have never been late to work in Japan.

I am not sure what happened exactly, maybe my alarm froze, it is after all a FREEZER in my house, (thank you Blue Forest snow and house that was built sometime last century=lack of proper insulation…) Anyway, my hair was a crazy mess so I ran downstairs into the cold and washed my hair quickly.

I was all disoriented and couldn’t find my things.  I had been staying at the Shinsetsu’s over the weekend, so I had no idea where anything was since I hadn’t unpacked all my things from the night before.

I scrambled to put on some decent work clothes and blow dried my bangs leaving the rest of my hair wet. 

Running outside (forget breakfast) I ran to my car dismayed to see that the window was of course, frosted over.  I placed my car keys to start the car and ran back to the house to look for a hairbrush, since I realized my hairbrush wasn’t in my laptop case,  but in my purse.

I ran inside grabbed my hair brush came outside to see that my window still hadn’t defrosted, in a desperate attempt, I scrapped the window with the hairbrush bristles to try and clear away some of the ice.  Surprisingly, it actually worked.

I hopped into the car and undid the break and the parking gear, stepped on the gas and—nothing happened.  My engine was running fine, I opened the door to my car and heard a grinding noise.  Either my tires were frozen in place or I was still in some weird gear.  I moved the 4WD gears around, and somehow freed my car to start moving. Yokatta!

Finally, I was able to drive out of my driveway I think it was sometime around 7:56.  Good thing I live like 2 minutes away from school.  I braided my wet hair at the stoplight.

So, I get to school run out of my car, which of course I have to park in the parking lot far from where the normal spots are, due to construction, and I run into the school’s genkan to change my shoes into inside shoes.

I managed to run down the hall where I encounter the school nurse who for some unknown reason feels she needs to race me to the staff room (I have no idea what spurred her to do this, since she obviously wasn’t late and doesn’t have to enter the staff room except for the morning meeting). So I found myself racing neck and neck by speedwalking against her to get to the staffroom down the long hall since of course there is also construction going on inside the school as well preventing me from using the normal way to get to the staffroom. Yeesh.   

Anyway, finally I make it into the staff room at probably exactly 8:00.  UGH.

Never AGAIN.