I cannot believe what just happened.

So, for the past couple days I have been mulling over what to write to my coworker who asked me out and I finally decided this morning to respond to him via email. I figured I could use the morning to bang something out on the keyboard, and do a few edits to make it come out the way I wanted it to.  I figured I had a couple hours at least.

So, this is how I started the letter:

“Good morning X-sensei,
I’m well, I did not catch a cold recently, and yes, it has been snowing a lot recently! I have never been so cold before.
To be honest I am not such a great skier,”

And that is when IT happened. The message just sent.  Like on its own.  Like by itself.  I have NO idea how the heck this happened, no edits, nothing.  This is the excerpt of my chat with Princess No. 1 when it happened:

me:oh crap
my message got sent and I didnt finish it!!!!
 PrincessNo1:  aaahhhh!!!
oh mgsGAAAH
 Sent at 9:01 AM on Tuesday
 me:  crap crap crappety CRAP
 Sent at 9:03 AM on Tuesday

So, needless to say I realized that I had maybe a couple minutes to fix the situation.  Imean he could be at his computer at that very moment, reading this cruel email that didn’t even have the audacity to have my name signed on it.  I had to remedy this as quickly as possible.

I managed this in that short amount of time:

“Hi X-sensei
Gomennasai, my message didn’t finish writing.  Sorry, about that!  So, I am not a great skier, and also I don’t normally hang out with boys by myself, but if you want to hang out with some of me and my friends sometime that would be fun! Let me know what you are thinking.



Ummm…”my message didn’t finish writing”? What is wrong with ME? Like my message as the ability to write its ownself…well I guess so, since apparently it can send itself as well.

I mean “some of me and my friends sometime” What the heck was I typing…like some of me, hey feel free to hang out with a part of my arm and a bunch of my friends….that makes sense….oh my gosh…*mortification*

I have no idea what this guy is going to think, maybe that I wrote two emails and pressed the send button the first time on purpose perhaps to “get a message” across. In Japan, everything, I mean EVERYTHING in their communication is about reading between the lines.  In fact, when I took some Japanese classes last year, I remember when they taught us how to say whether we liked something or not. In America we would go, “Oh, I don’t really care for those day old mushy bananas, but thanks anyway,” we might even say, “Eww, what a disgusting piece of crap, I am not eating that, it looks like something a monkey barfed up.” Not here.  You are supposed to say when asked if you like that mushy banana, “Oh I like the mushy banana, but…” And the “but” paired with the silent ellipses will speak for themselves.   

I was reading about a Japanese author’s tale from the Blue Forest about his childhood memoirs.  In the story, he visits his friends house and his mom serves him some fruit.  He takes one bite of the fruit, politely excuses himself, and gets the heck off the property.  Why?  The mother had served him fruit that was not ripened yet.  Her message to him was you have come to early to my house.

I hope this accidental email that was sent is not misconstrewed as an attempt for me to cruelly reject this poor man.  Now, let me be clear, my plan was to reject him, just in a nice way…not in the way GMAIL had planned it…or maybe perhaps there were more mysterious powers at work after all…I am not really sure.  But the DEED is done, even if gmail forced me to do it.  Maybe I should be thanking it instead…

It is so much easier to reject American boys.