So this morning, I did a 180.
In my CAR.
It was so crazy, because I wasn’t speeding or traveling down one of those sketchy non-salted roads in my country-hick town.  No, I was just driving along nice and easy, following the vehicle in front of me when BAM!! I am spinning OUTTA CONTROL…(hmm..maybe that is the wrong onomatopoeia for it…what is the onomatopoeia for spinning towards your almost death- Swoosh?…that still doesnt seem right…) 
Anyway, my car is now facing the car behind me, who happens to be a coworker and she is looking at me with the “WHaaa? Are you okay?” face…I look back at her and give her a weird smile, because my heart was beating so fast and I was slightly shaking, but I also want to let her know I am okay.  So that was my crazy morning. 
I also slipped yesterday going down a different road and SWOOSH-SH-SH-SH-SHHHHHhhhh…I have learned not to take that road now at all during this winter.
But I guess it doesn’t matter, because clearly the Mystical-Snow-Ice-Imps are at work trying to get me in trouble (It is a good thing I have some Heavenly favor, major props to the Man Upstairs…or I am pretty certain I would have hit someone by now). 
I came into the staffroom about 3 minutes after this spinning incident and right when I got to my desk my supervisor came up to me. “BlueForestPrincess-sensei! I heard you had some car trouble! Someone from City Hall called.” 
I was like, what? I mean, I know, news travels fast here, especially about Gaijin behavior, we are like mini celebrities here, but not THAT fast.  I am not even joking about the celebrity status…our moves are watched and reported on through town like they are gossip.  I once went to get gas and the people at the station made me a new point card at the gas station, and a couple days later one of my coworkers came up to me and was like, did you go to the gas station and lose your point card?  And the other week when I went to get a flu shot, one of my friends, who lives the ANOTHER town texted me and was all, “Did you go to the hospital tonight?” 
Do you know that  magazines that has one of those sections with “STARS-They’re Just Like Us!” (I find this whole section and title rather patronzing and insipid for both celebrities and normal citizens alike, but whatever…)? Actual example of this ridiculousness.
My town should have this section in their own magazine, “FOREIGNERS-They’re Just Like US!” (or alternative title “OH.MY.GAH. There is a gaijin! *Let’s all stare and talk about them to our friends later*!”) I suppose there would be pictures of me at the gas station losing my gas card with some caption that read, “FOREIGN PEOPLE! They even lose their gas cards!” “FOREIGN PEOPLE!-They even get the flu shot!”-with a picture of me wearing a mask looking horrified at the local hospital from hearing an old man in the other room moaning and groaning loudly.
Good thing this magazine does not exist, because if they took my picture yesterday it would have said “FOREIGNERS! They even get holes in their pants!” Yesterday, at my visitation school I went to use the bathroom and discovered a HUGE HOLE below the bottom of my left cheek, I had to walk like a geisha all day to keep anyone from seeing the hole. 
Or if they had taken a picture of me this morning:
*BlueForestPrincess-sensei comes to school wearing GRASSES*
X-Sensei *walks to Ulu-sensei’s desk: ARA!! (SHOCK-U! X/)
BlueForestPrincess-sensei cracks up. 
X-Sensei: BFP-sensei, you look much more clever than normal!
More laughter.
I clearly look stupid.
“FOREIGN PEOPLE! They are NOT like us at all! They look STUPID! “
Anyway, I was surprised that my sup. had already heard about my spin, and then she goes, “I heard the City Hall people helped you out of the gutter.”
Oh, THAT time.
Last week I was dropping Princess No 2 off at her house.  In Japan, there are these gutters on the sides of roads here that we call Gaijin Traps.  They are called Gaijin Traps for obvious reasons.  I have had the good fortune not to have fallen into any of them for a year and a half, but this time the road was completely icy and white with compressed snow, so I couldn’t see anything.  Basically, the right front of my wheel got caught in the gutter and Princess No 2 who works for City Hall called her coworkers and they came over and helped me out.
Thank goodness for the City Hall people, I wrote them a Thank You Note… I was so happy that they came to rescue me after all the trouble I caused them…sigh…Anyway, so this morning was crazy, but I had a really awesome dream last night.
I am pretty sure this dream was brought by all the hours of Prison Break, with my BOYfriend Ricky Ricardo, I have been watching (yes, I know, I lead an exciting life up here in the Blue Forest) and I had this dream I was a criminal on the run and doing a robbery with the Fox River 8 at Walmart.  The popo caught us and sent us to prison (okay I know I said this dream was awesome, but it started out as a nightmare..) anyway, in prison I was totally dating Christian Bale. I am not sure why I was not dating Wentworth Miller however, but I am not going to argue about my subconcious about this.  Anyway, somehow we broke out of jail and were free and we all started dancing (yes, before he was Batman or American Psycho Christian Bale definitely could have been on Glee, this tidbit about him however only appeals to me even more)  on the roof  with Kurt Hummel.   I was pretty estatic, until my alarm went off. 
Oh well, I can always dream again, deshou? ^^v