This weekend was a little crazy, I went with a bunch of people who live in the Blue Forest to Sapporro, Hokkaido this weekend for the Snow Festival.   I think its too much to type what happened. I am just going to bulletpoint everything.

Day 1

-Carpooled with Asian Lt. Dan to ramen. Picked up The Tall Twins and Always-Singing-Guy.
-Everyone, 8 JETs and 2 Nihonjins, made it to the ferry right on time. 
-Got on ferry, ran into Ms. Young-Looking-Mom and Mini-Me.
-BlueForest-sensei heeded Mr. Shinsetsunahito’s advice, “Don’t be a JET. Get lots of sleep.” Mission Accomplished.

Day 2

-Woke up to beautiful Northern Japan sunrise. Watched it rise alone, outside on the deck while everyone else was asleep.
-Arrived in Hokkaido bushy-tailed and bleary eyed.
-Took the bus to Sapporo station, played Scrabble on the way, and described people’s attributes with poetry.
-Waited at the station for one more person, who didn’t show. Bought scarf. 
-Ate an amazing breakfast with everyone, pancakes and Japanese food, a strange but satisfying mixture.
-Checked into hotel, took a shower.
-Met everyone at the Clock Tower. Walked to view the Ice Sculptures! Favorites included: the Japanese Palace and Taj Mahal replica.
-Stopped at Starbucks with The Twins, and Wants-to-be-a-Redhead girl.
-Watch Tall Girl Twin put on her Alcohol Jacket (this basically consisted of her pouring alcohol into a starbucks cup).
-Go back outside to watch the rest of the festival. Toes became frozen, not a happy Princess. 😦 In fact I really want to cry I am so cold.
-Bought kairo, put in shoes…still cold, but slightly better.
-Went back to Hotel to rest with Wants-to-be-a-Redhead-Girl and Princess #2.
-Went to Sapporo Beer Garden Restaurant with everyone.
-Lost Boy showed up at the Garden, he had been in Hokkaido all day, but had been lost, but was able made it to the restaurant.
-Chaos ensued. I am pretty sure some things were broken, and random Japanese guy with one colored contact in his eye, kept coming up to our table trying to hit on the Tall Girl Twin.
-Knitting-Nihonjin girl asks me to be her boyfriend. I have to decline bc. I am homo janai (straight). Although I ask if she will knit me a hat.
-After dinner, Blue Forest Princess is now the only sober person.
-Manage to get everyone’s food paid. Knitting Nihonjin girl tries to pay for her meal twice.
-With Princess #2’s help I manage to get everyone into a Taxi, many people fall on their way there. Lost Boy doesn’t look so good.
-In the car, pass the other taxi, see Lost Boy puking.
-Everyone’s cabs arrive at the karaoke area. Knitting-Nihojin-Girl falls on the snow as she exits the taxi.
-Take Lost Boy and Knitting-Nihonjin-Girl in a taxi to their respective hotels with Precious-Takko-Town-Princess.
-Get Knitting-Nihonjin-Girl up to her room where Wants-to-be-a-Redhead and Korean-Princess are already waiting. Watch as Knitting Nihonjin Girl throws up on the door.
-Leave the room for a bit before Blue Forest sensei throws up.
-Leave the Hotel with Precious Takko-Town-Princess, Korean-Princess, and Lost Boy.
-Drop Lost Boy off.
-Look for Big Echo Karaoke. Find it, but don’t find our party.
-Find the other Big Echo Karaoke, which is across the street and has the same name.
-Go back to hotel Princess #2 is already sleeping.

Day 3

-Wake up at 5am, miraculously everyone makes it to the station, Lt. Dan, Precious-Takko-Princess, Korean-Princess and Lost Boy come racing up the stairs giri giri, just in time.
-On the train I start to feel a little queasy from all the traveling and not enough rest.
-Take an hour nap. Feel better.
-Back on Ferry time. Play Psychiatrist and Contact games with other queasy people. Korean-Princess almost throws up.
-Help Korean-Princess back to her room.
-Arrive in Aomori.
-Spend an hour looking for a sushi restaurant.  At dinner Knitting Nihonjin asks me to be her boyfriend again. I politely decline once more.  
-Lt. Dan drives us home. Get marriage proposal from Tall Twin in the car.  I am so tired. I don’t even feel like watching Wentworth on Prison Break when I get home.
-Pass Out.
-Wake up an feel queasy. 
-Feeling passes.
-Go back to sleep.