Since I made a list of things I <3, I figured its only fair to balance it out with a good list of things that irk me to no end…there aren’t really many of them, but I thought I would just list them out anyway.

1. When People Leave Trash in My Car.  Okay, so I feel that this is so inconsiderate, even though I leave my own trash in my car, doesn’t mean that you get to leave your trash.  I think this is a really rude thing to do.  Let me be clear-I am a slob, just not a slob at other people’s houses or in other people’s cars. When I go over to someone’s house I don’t eat a burger and leave the wrappings on my friend’s floor.  (Also, I hate when people litter.  Littering is bad, don’t do it people!!!)

2. When a certain someone puts GUM on things in my room and then laughs about it because he thinks its funny.

3. When my School Tells me Last Minute that I Have to Work on Saturday or on Easter Sunday. (Even though my contract CLEARLY states that I am not supposed to work weekends.  This is a contract people, HELLO?  it’s the one YOU drew up and the one I signed, you are clearly not upholding your part of your contract, even though I am holding up mine…not cool…Also the Easter Sunday thing did happen and they made me take a vacation day for it.)  

4. When Boys are Condescending Because You are a Girl or Minority or Both.  I kind of think that this one goes together with boys being insecure about themselves or being intimidated by girls, esp. minority girls, when they appear smarter than said boys. I remember once I was at a party and, this guy who we will call, Nerdy-Flirty-Accountant was there and I think I used the word like “facetious” or something, which to be honest isn’t really that smart of a word and he goes, “Thats a BIG word.” Like I am an idiot or something.


5. When People make Generalizations About my Culture and Belittle Hawaiian people.  So, I should probably mention that I am part Hawaiian, I don’t think I have disclosed this before, but in general there is a stereotype that Hawaiians are poor and stupid and lazy, which by the way is so NOT true, the Hawaiians were doing just fine before a bunch of corporate business men decided to lock the Queen in her bedroom and threatened ethnic cleansing unless they signed the Kingdom of Hawaii to become a part of the United States.  And now people in Hawaii now make fun of this culture, that was almost decimated by the common cold and other European diseases, for wanting their kingdom back and Sovereignty but “Hey, its all good! Because we brought it Tourism and American goods! What are you complaining people? American consumerism is totally a good reason to almost destroy an entire people group and is definitely a fair exchange so stop whining about how we almost got rid of your culture…ANYways…) I don’t feel the need to discuss finances, because that is tacky I think, but I will say that I am not stupid, my GPA of an A plus average from college should speak for itself, of course I was able to achieve this by God’s grace, but I hate when people generalize that Hawaiian people are stupid.  (Also, just to clarify, I know right now my grammar is horrible and I would never write a formal paper in such a manner.) And btws, Hawaiians had a society where everyone had food and was taken care of. We also invented surfing, and navigated by the stars making several trips in the Pacific Ocean with just a canoe and some paddles.  

6. ALSO When I Can’t Check All my Ethnic Backgrounds on those Surveys Asking About Your Ethnic Background. Because I am a person of Mixed Background I usually can never check the boxes I want because I am limited to one, I find this very inconsiderate of the People who Make the Boxes for the Survey.

6. When People (esp. Boys) make Inappropriate Jokes.  (…that think they are hilarious but really aren’t that funny.) I mean the “that’s what she said” joke…its old..and sometimes people use it when it doesn’t apply, like they don’t know what it means. It seriously is an overused joke.  Maybe what I dislike about it, is its lack of originality.  

7. When Boys Wear Super Skinny Jeans.  Who thought this was attractive? I mean, what happened to men? They are like women now.  They don’t ask girls out, and they prance around wearing jeans that are skinnier than mine and spend hours flat ironing their hair.

Recent conversation at a party:

Me: My hair is so fine.

Gorgeous-Russian-Metro: Yeah, mine too, and I think my flat-iron has made it more weak.

Me:….Wait, so you use a flat-iron?

Gorgeous-Russian-Metro: Of course.

Me: Oh…well you should use this product, you can put it in before you straighten your hair.

Gorgeous-Russian-Metro (reaching for pen and paper): What is it called and where can I buy it?

This my friend, is our generation of men.  And my parents wonder why I am single. I mean, come on boys, Be a MAN already, Roll Around in the Dirt, Grow a Beard, Eat Meat that is Barely Cooked with No Utensils already….Geez.

8. When People Talk Smack About my Jesus. I know that God can defend Himself and that He is not worried about people because He is Sovereign and Mighty, but it really hurts my heart when people use His name in a disrespectful way. And to be honest, I don’t really get annoyed as much as sad, and not sad for God as much as sad for the person who doesn’t know Him, because that must be a really bad place to be in.

9. Not Having a Boy Around. When I first moved to the Blue Forest, I came home one day and a bird had flown into my house.  It was stuck on the second floor and so I went upstairs to open a window. When I opened the window a giant spider the size of my face was on the outside wall.  I immediately closed the window and went downstairs and sat on the floor and cried and prayed for Jesus’s help.  God told me to open the sliding glass door and wait. After a minute later  after praying the bird flew down the stairs from the second floor and out the open door. While I appreciate and am so thankful for Jesus’s help, I felt this would have been so much easier and less stressful if there was a boy around. Like, if I was married I could have been, “Hey Man of Mine, get this bird out of my house, and while you are at it, open this jar for me.”  I have small hands and tiny wrists for my height, so I can never open things when I am at home.  I bought a bunch of pickles the other day and I was so excited to open them and eat them, so I gleefully bounded downstairs to my kitchen and when I tried to open it, I couldn’t get the top open.  I held the jar in my lap and twisted with both hands, but all I got was sore wrists and hurting hands.  So then I tried banging it against the counter and hitting the sides with a butter knife.  Nothing has worked, and I still haven’t been able to eat my pickles. I am thinking I may have to bring this jar to one of my guy friends to open later.

10. Bad poetry. (Although sometimes bad poetry can be really funny.)