So amazingly, impossibly, incredibly YES it is still snowing here.  We have had about three good white outs (and by white outs I mean straight up snow storm blizzard attacks where you can’t see anything but your own hand in front of your face and maybe the car in front of you if you are driving) in the past two weeks.  Last year, the winter did not last this long, so I sometimes feel like I am trapped in Narnia and Aslan has not returned…or Game of Thrones…and whatever happens there for it to become spring hasn’t happened yet .  What does one do in the Blue Forest during the winter? The answer:not much, except for survive earthquakes and pass away the time watching television shows.  

Okay so last night, Wants-to-be-a-Red Head downloaded the Starvation Contests and since there is absolutely nothing else to do out here I came over and we made spaghetti and started watching it (the movie not the spaghetti).   While we were watching,  Wants-to-be-a-Redhead sent the Starvation Contests file to Sassy-Australian-Fancy-Pants via skype. So about midway through the movie, the earthquake alarms on both our phones went off, and I was kind of surprised more than anything, because during the last earthquake which was a pretty big one, my phone didn’t go off at all (even though it was supposed to).    But then I was like oh crappppp–because when your phone alarm here goes off for earthquakes, it usually means legit earthquake business, because the alarms don’t ever go off for the little shakes or the shakes you don’t need to take cover for.

Anyway, Wants-to-be-a-Red-Head got up and ran around the room for about 20 seconds, she somewhat resembled a chicken with her head cut off, or like remember when you were in P.E. in junior high and they made you run laps around a track over and over again for no reason other than for the sake of physical education? Well, she kind of looked like that for the briefest of moments.  I headed to the door at first, but then decided that probably wasn’t best idea because I remembered that Red-Head’s winding stairs was covered in ice, and I figured it was probably more likely that we would slip and injure ourselves trying to get down.  

I made a quick decision and ordered Wants-to-be-a-Red-Head to get under her table after she started wailing, “What do I dooo? Where do I gooooo?” (She claims I threw her under the table, but I don’t remember doing that-if anything I would call it “ushering”).  Anyway, I crawled next to her and patted her back and prayed as we looked up earthquakes on the internet during the shaking to try to see where exactly it hit.  The power was still intact, so I felt we were in pretty good shape, even though the shake was a fairly strong one. Finally it stopped and we emerged from under the table to see the tea that I had been drinking had spilt everywhere (certainly a waste of a good cup of Lady Grey, if I ever saw one- my British friends in London would have been horrified from the liquid carnage–seriously it looked like my tea had committed suicide).   

Anyhow, after the earthquake hit and while I was still there a few people contacted Red-Head to see if she was alright, even Tall Twin had called:

Tall Twin: Hi Wants-to-be-a-Redhead are you okay?

Wants-to-be-a-Redhead: Yeah, I’m fine.  Blue Forest Princess is here with me, and she pushed me under a table.

Me: What the heck I can’t believe even Tall Twin has called to check on you, but no one has texted or called me to see if I am alright.  (Tall Twin and Wants-to-be-a-Redhead continued their conversation during my muttering, so I didn’t hear what else they talked about until:)

Wants-to-be-a-Redhead: Tall Twin said he could hear you complaining. Okay, bye!  

Tall Twin: Bye!

For a few minutes, I waited to see if anyone would contact me, however I came to realize that no one had checked to see if I was still arive (alive)….this concerned me so I posted something on facebook about it and recieved a slew of different comments regarding my wefare, the reactions of people were rather interesting:

BlueForestPrincess status: what the flip….two people checked on Wants-to-be-a-RedHead just now right after the earthquake while i with her but does anyone call me…Noooooo


Snarky Russian Dude: actions don’t lie 

(my thought: okay what the heck is that supposed to mean?)

Mini-Me: Are you ok BlueForestPrincess?

Me: awww thank you Mini-me and NOBODY else 

(my thought: Mini-me happens to be a junior high student and very kind person–how sad is it that a junior higher is the first person to check on me??)

Princess No1 (in Korea): Let the record show that I checked on you…well, we were already chatting while it happened. Also, I checked on you during the BIG earthquake…although you didn’t know that because our phones were out of order for three days. But it was the thought that counted.

Hawaiian Boy Twin: I don’t have your phone number! That one was pretty darn strong though huh.

(my thought: the funny person part of me totally wanted to make an inappropriate joke here like ohhh- ‘that is pretty sly way of asking for my phone number ^_~ hahaha’–but then thought maybe he would take that comment the wrong way, so I refrained.)

Looks-Really-Young-Mom (Mini-Me’s mom): I saw you post about your tea, so I knew you were okay–I did think about you and was wondering how it felt in your area.

Sassy Australian Fancy-Pants: HEY I SENT YOU BOTH A SKYPE MESSAGE!

Me: Yeah because of YOUR SICKNESS….you just wanted to make sure your Starvation Contests file was still downloading!!!

Sassy Australian Fancy-Pants:  not really, i thought about you guys first

Me: Noo..I have the conversation to prove it:

Skype convo:

     [8:15:38 PM] Sassy Australian Fancy-Pants: all i was thinking was “oh sh*t dont go offline dont go offline i need my starvation contests download”…priorities right

     Wants-to-be-a-Red-Head: oh geeez

     Wants-to-be-a-Red-Head:you are sick

     Wants-to-be-a-Red-Head: lol

Sassy Australian Fancy-Pants:hey now, dont repost my messages

(my thought: hmmm..hope she doesn’ read my blog- seriously Australian Fancy Pants is scary–she could probably beat me up pretty easily)

Old-School-Friend-in-Haiti: What if the first time I hear about the earthquake is when a friend of mine complains about a lack of immediate attention? … anyway, are you ok Blue Forest Princess???

Sassy Australian Fancy-Pants: GEEK ALERT! and you call me the nerd!

Me: You are a nerd.

Love-to-Wear-Kimono: I just felt little rumbles and didn’t know there was a big one until scrolling through posts. Gomen ne… I don’t even know how big it was.

My First Japanese Friend: BlueForest-san, i’m worried abt you too. be careful, i heard there may be some afterquakes.

Looks-Like Me’s Mom: If you had a Japanese boy friend with tight pants, he would check on you.

Korean Guy who Thinks He is Gorgeous: Hey….. How you doin ??? 😉

(my thought: seriously?)

Concerned Cousin: Another quake? Good grief! Does it ever stop? You better come home BFS.

Hot Single Black Girl Poet: I hope you’re ok, sadly its like my bed time here in the Emerald City and I go to sleep and everything is ok BUT when I wake up and hear about disasters! yikes ! I hope your feeling somewhat better.

So, okay I suppose I should amend the title of my post to be ” How Nobody Cares About Me (Earthquake Reactions) Until I Post a Complaint About it on Facebook and the Overeating Games” but to be honest…that is really just too wordy.  

After the movie and earthquake I went home to find my cat was in an especially cuddly mood, in fact last night he literally slept on my face and was purring so loudly he woke me up.  And then we both got woken up by thunder and lightning around 5:12…in the MORNING…UGH…I swear Blue Forest…sometimes you try my patience…

Anyhoooo, in other news I have decided to write a book called the Overeating Games. I also posted about this on facebook book and also received a myriad of responses.

BFP FBstatus: I’m going to write a book called the “Overeating Games”.

Ventian: hahahaha

me: in my book people force feed each other to eat. The Cornucopia is real and the Arena resembles the set of Top Chef

Old School Friend in Haiti: For some reason I think you’re joking

Me: nothing gets by you

Nova Scotia Boy: Can I be one of the characters? 

Hot Black Single Poet Girl: the pounds be ever in your favor ? Har har (liked)

Me: I don’t know… Nova Scotia Boy can you stand gaining lots of weight…you are pretty skinny

Nova Scotia Boy: The nice thing about being a character is that anything that happens to you is fictional… like in dreams, only more readable and hopefully more logical.

Me: Yea, but my books actually turn into reality…so I dont know if you are prepared for that…and this book will be anything from readable and logical in fact I am mirroring the HG’s own methods in these respects, so my books will be just as successful