I’m back in amerICUH. And I am not going to lie it is WON.DER.FUL!  Don’t get me wrong, Japan will always have a special place in my heart, but there is no place like home.

Before I write about how awesome it is to be home, I want to write about a huge drama I had two days before my flight.  Okay, so I was at the Shinsetsunahito’s house, where I was staying for the past week, since my house was no longer my house, but my successor’s house now.  Anyway, my friend Hiroko came up to visit with her family and stayed for an evening.  The plan was to play around Misawa sleep over then go to Nebuta the next afternoon in Aomori City.  So I was cleaning the house for the Shinsetsunahitos, when I walked over to the windows to close them.  I squeezed the locks on the side of the first window which made it able for me to slide it down to close.  I went to the second window and did the same, squeezed the locks to push the window down, but instead of just becoming unlocked and staying stationary, like the first window, the second window became unhinged and fell directly onto my face.  The frame of the window hit me smack on the bridge of my nose.  It hit me so hard that I basically saw stars.  Hiroko came running from the bathroom because she could hear the window hit me.  I stumbled back and touched my nose to feel that it was bleeding.  I walked over to the mirror to see the top of my nose was swelling up with blood falling out.  I felt okay, but then suddenly, I felt blood rush to my head and felt light-headed.  I fell onto the couch and thought I was going to faint.  At this point, I thought my nose was broken.

Okay, so I was like, umm, maybe I should go to the hospital.  But there were two problems, first I didn’t have insurance anymore since my contract had just ended and second, I had no idea where the hospital was in Misawa.  So Hiroko and I went into the car and she put the hospital in her GPS system and we drove to the hospital.  Once we got there we realized the hospital had been demolished and all that was there was a piece of land where the hospital used to be.  Great.  So, after a few minutes of deliberation and searching on the GPS, we drove to a clinic. I walked into the clinic holding my bleeding nose with an ice pack to my face and asked to see a doctor while Hiroko was parking.  They looked at me blankly and told me that they don’t help with broken bones, this was a “colds and fevers” clinic.  What. the. heck.  Okay, fine, so I get in the car and we drove to another clinic.  Same thing happened, they were like umm, we can’t help her, she needs to go to the big hospital. OH MY GOSH.  Heaven forbid I have a cracked skull and need immediate attention or anything, seriously, I worry for JETs who get seriously injured in Japan.  They might be refused medical treatment because the clinic is only for “colds and fevers…” sigh. ANYWAY, we finally make it to the big hospital and the lady at the counter tells me that I have to pay 200% for an xray and to see the doctor because I no longer have insurance.

My friend Hiroko got upset at this news, and questioned them why 200% and not 100%, but they just told her, because that’s the rule.  Anyway, I figure its better to get the xray since I am flying home in two days and it would be better to make sure that nothing is really wrong with my head.

In the waiting room with Hiroko I finally lost it and started to cry, like huge sobs. I was like, “WAAAAAAHHH! I just wanna go hommeeeeee.” Lol.

Anyway, we finally see the doctor and they do an xray, and then we wait some more and he calls me back in and is like, “Your nose is not broken, just very, very, bruised.”

I wanted to cry again, but this time tears of joy.  I was like, Thank you JESUS.

So we get in the car, pick up Hiroko’s family and drive to Aomori City for Nebuta.  I am in the car listening to a message, because Lord knows I needed to hear some encouragement.  So, the message I listen to happens to be about the storms of life that can happen in an instant.  And this is the scripture the pastor uses:

Psalms 34 The righteous person faces many troubles,
but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.

I felt prompted by God to go to the Scripture in the Bible, so I go on my iPad and open my electronic Bible and go to the passage.  This is the rest of the passage, “20 For the Lord protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken!”

In that moment, I felt God’s peace and love and security and I knew everything was going to be fine– He is so real.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without Jesus, I don’t know how people can live without God’s help and love. I know I could not endure life, I’m sure. So that was the end of that drama and I made it home safe and sound, thank GOD.

So, for the past two weeks, I have basically been lounging around on my mom’s giant tempurpedic bed, watching OnDemand, eating every hamburger and steak I can get my hands on, which is fairly easy to do, as most of my family members are carnivores, and enjoying this earthquake free land, however despite these wonderful amenities of the America, I actually really do miss working.

(BTW, I just have a short rant, okay you know what I am SICK of?  Americans who complain about America, or think put themselves down just because other countries do it to us.  I feel like those kind of Americans have never lived outside of America…or/and people who make fun of America have never lived here…because let me tell you…America is freaking awesome.  Seriously.  I have lived in Europe and Asia, and spent a over a month in Africa and let me tell you, I am so grateful and humbled to live here.   So, if you are one of these Americans who puts yourself and your country down, I advise you to live somewhere else for awhile to get some perspective or take advice from me; America is a beautiful country.  The freedoms and efficiency we enjoy here are to be appreciated.  Okay, rant over…ANYWAY, back to my story about being back home.)

Seriously, I can only do this lounging around for so long…I want to get a job real soon…either that or I will hone my writing skills and finish that novel I started like 2 years ago.  Actually, isn’t that what writers do?  They sit around at home and write…that actually sounds really wonderful…hmmm.

Well, luckily for me a handful of my other friends also happen to be unemployed, not that they are lazy or anything, we all just happen to have gotten back from our world adventures in other places and are getting settled back into our American lives.  Tomorrow this Unemployed Club of Friends and I plan to go down to the docks of Seattle and hop on a boat to enjoy a free floating farmer’s market after a late brunch.  Unfortunately basically none of us have cars, so we all are busing it tomorrow, actually, I suppose we could change our name to the Unemployed and Car-less Club of Friends.  But I think it should be fun anyway.

Regardless of having no job and no car, I am super excited for the start of a new season and I am loving being home!